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Sprouted 7-grain bread by Angelic Bakehouse

7-Grain Bread

Not to brag, but this may be the best sliced bread since sliced bread.

Flatzza® Crust

A flat pizza crust made with sprouted whole grains. 'Nuff said.

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Shrimp tacos made with sprouted grains

Shrimp-tious Tacos

This easy shrimp taco recipe is such a game changer! There's nothing better than yummy spice-loaded shrimp tucked in between cabbage slaw, pickled onions, and a Greek yogurt sauce. Load all these goodies onto an Angelic Bakehouse Garden Wrap, loaded with healthy sprouted grains, and you'll be wonderingwhere this recipe has been all your life.

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Blackberries and cheese on crisps made from sprouted grains

Berry Crunchy Crisps

Friends, don't underestimate the power of creative cracker toppings! Adding a touch of mascarpone, jelly, and berries to our healthy grain Zesty Lemon & Blueberry Crisps can take your breakfast, appetizer tray, or even snacks for the kids to the next level.

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Healthy peach pizza made on sprouted grain crust

Just Peachy! Pizza

Anyone else in the mood for pizza, but want to try something different? This Just Peachy! Pizza on our sprouted grain Flatzza® Crust is one of our favorites. It has it all… peaches, salami, and burrata. Yes please!

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What are sprouted grains?

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