Expanding to AKiN's/Chamberlin's

MILWAUKEE—Sprouted grain bread products from Angelic Bakehouse will now be found in 52 more retail locations across the United States. The bakery today announced agreements with two major natural foods retailers, AKiN’s/Chamberlin’s (16 locations) and Earth Fare stores (36 locations).

AKiN’s Natural Foods serves consumers at ten locations in Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas and Arkansas while Chamberlin’s stores can be found at six locations across Florida. Both feature pesticide-free, certified organic produce and natural foods products that are free of sulfites, artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners, growth hormones and synthetic MSG. Chamberlin’s also features a large selection of products for special dietary needs, including dairy- and lactose-free; salt-free and low sodium; vegan, vegetarian and kosher.

Earth Fare has 36 outlets across North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, Florida, Michigan and Kentucky. Earth Fare only carries products that do not contain high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, artificial colors/sweeteners, or synthetic growth hormones (in fresh meat and dairy.) More than 75% of Earth Fare house brand products are organic and GMO-free.

Boasting fewer calories, more fiber and more protein than white or whole wheat alternatives, sprouted grains have become one of the fastest-growing food product categories in the United States. In fact, industry analysts predict U.S. sales in the sprouted grains category will increase eight times its current value in the next five years. Angelic Bakehouse is among the category’s leaders, supplying premium, sprouted seven-grain breads, buns, pizza crusts and wraps to retailers nationwide.

“We are thrilled to add leading natural foods chains like AKiN’s/Chamberlin’s and Earth Fare to our distribution network,” says Angelic Bakehouse CEO/Owner Jenny Marino. “This allows us to bring our nutritious and delicious, all natural baked goods to a whole new audience in the southeastern and plains states.”