Hamburger Buns Go Healthy

May is National Barbecue Month and for good reason – last Memorial Day a record 125 million Americans fired up their grills. Although America’s infatuation with outdoor cooking shows no signs of slowing down, America’s grilling habits are changing, with health concerns being a major driver. While the hamburger remains king, hamburger consumption is also moving in a healthier direction. Even hamburger buns are changing.

Last year, Angelic Bakehouse extended its popular, non-GMO sprouted grain bread line by adding hamburger and hot dog buns. The results were spectacular – originally offered in just 100 locations across the Midwest, the sprouted buns are now being sold in over 3,000 locations across all 50 states, including major natural foods retailers like Whole Foods and Sprouts Farmers Market. Even mainstream, big box retailers have jumped on the bandwagon with Sam’s Club now offering a club-sized pack at all 635 locations and Safeway carrying the hamburger and hot dog buns at 1,256 locations. Meijer has just added the buns to many store schematics.

“We don’t believe in sacrificing taste for nutrition. Clearly consumers agree,” says Angelic’s CEO and president, Jenny Marino. “The response to our sprouted grain hamburger buns was overwhelming. Simple. Quick. Delicious. The grains speak for themselves.”

Sprouted grains are one of 2015’s hottest trends. Major corporations like Kellogg’s, Panera and Champion Foods have introduced sprouted products in the last year, as well as healthy food influencers like Hungry Girl. In fact, industry analysts are predicting U.S. sales of sprouted grains will increase eight-fold in the next five years. Food Manufacturing magazine has called sprouted grains the “Naturally Functional” trend of the year, citing their highly bioavailable nutrients (including soluble fiber, B vitamins and Vitamin C).

Angelic Bakehouse is leading this growth, having recently added several new products as well as a host of major retailers across the country including Safeway, Sam’s Club and Meijer as well as health-food oriented chains like Sprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods and Earth Fare.

Like all its products, Angelic’s hamburger buns are made with a unique and proprietary “wet mash” of seven whole sprouted grains, including the ancient grains quinoa and amaranth, which are folded directly into the dough. Sprouting grains is known to naturally enhance the macronutrient profile of the grain, increasing protein and fiber, while reducing calories, carbs and gluten. However, the primary benefit provided by Angelic’s sprouted mash process is the excellent combination of taste and texture it brings out in the fermented grains. Angelic Bakehouse is one of only a handful of commercial bakeries in the U.S. to use the mash method. In addition to their nutritional attributes and great taste, Angelic Bakehouse’s products are also dairy-, egg-, sesame-, soy- and nut-free, as well as kosher certified.

“Our customers deserve the best,” says Marino. “That’s why we’re pushing the category beyond bland, processed buns. Every meal should be enjoyable. That’s what Angelic is about.”