Angelic Bakehouse Committed to Leading the Industry in Low Sodium Foods

We’ve recently added a Reduced Sodium Flatzza™ Crust to our growing line of reduced sodium and no sodium foods which also includes No Added Salt BreadLow Sodium Bread, and Reduced Sodium Wraps.

“This reinforces our commitment to being a leading provider of low sodium food products. For those wanting or requiring low sodium diets, we’re excited to be able to meet their needs without sacrificing taste! We’re proud to make carbs with standards,” said Jenny Marino, founder of Angelic Bakehouse.

Angelic Bakehouse Reduced Sodium Flatzza Crusts contain 100 milligrams of sodium in each delectable serving. The 100 milligrams of sodium are nearly three times less than the nation’s leading brand of pizza crusts. Our low sodium wraps offer 50% less sodium than the leading whole wheat wrap while our no salt added bread offers one of the few whole wheat bread options that doesn’t have any salt. Our Raisin Wheat Bread and Blueberry & Zesty Lemon Crisps also meet the official standard for low sodium food of 140/mg or less per serving.

“Our customers have continually asked for low sodium options, and we’re listening,” said Marino. “According to the American Heart Association, nine out of 10 Americans consume more than double the daily recommended level of sodium, and 65% of that comes from food bought in stores. We have a responsibility to help consumers at the aisle and are committed to being thoughtful and intentional with all of our ingredient decisions.  When it comes to the Nutrition Facts label, we’re going to beat these large brands every time.”