Introducing our new line of Sweet & Savory Crisps!

Introducing our new line of Sweet & Savory Crisps!

Move over boring crackers and dipping chips. Angelic Bakehouse is unleashing upon your taste buds our new sweet and savory 7 Sprouted Whole Grain Crisps available in the following recipes:

  • Beet Savory Crisps with Pickled Sweet Onion
  • Sweet Potato Savory Crisps with Harissa & Green Chile
  • Savory Crisps with Fig & Tarragon Vinaigrette
  • Blueberry Sweet Crisps with Zesty Lemon

Like all Angelic Bakehouse products, the mouthwatering crisps feature the brand’s unique Sprouted and Fresh Pressed™ whole grains. These crisps offer flavor and nutrition that crackers and dipping chips can’t match. Angelic Bakehouse Crisps, per serving, provide 2X the protein, 3X the fiber and nearly 50 percent fewer net carbs than the leading dipping chip.

“At Angelic Bakehouse we push the limits of what delicious and nutritious can be. We’ve done that again with these incredibly snackable and craveable crisps!” said Jenny Marino, founder of Angelic Bakehouse. “These crisps have the nutrition facts that moms are looking for along with an incredible taste profile that ensures these will keep going out of the cupboard and back on the grocery list. These crisps are guilt-free snacking!”

Offering one-of-a kind flavors including delicious fruits and vegetables including blueberries, beets, sweet potatoes or lightly spicy green chiles, the new line of crisps provide four grams of protein and three grams of fiber per serving. Putting traditional crackers and dipping chips made with white flour to shame, Angelic Bakehouse crisps are made with pure, premium ingredients. Like all Angelic Bakehouse products, the crisps are egg-free, nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sesame seed free, non-GMO, kosher, vegan and free of seven of the top eight allergens, excluding wheat. Additional flavor details include:

  • Beet Savory Crisps with Pickled Sweet Onion – the perfect combination between sweet and savory, these beet crisps are a delectable companion for all kinds of cheese and hummus.
  • Sweet Potato Savory Crisps with Harissa & Green Chile – with sweet potato as a base, the crisps offer a light kick of spice, making them the perfect addition to creamy soups, as a dipping chip, or just snacking on their own!
  • Savory Crisps with Fig & Tarragon Vinaigrette – fig and tarragon come together for a tasty bite, ideal for an added crunch to any fresh salad or a flexible topping of all kinds of cheeses.
  • Blueberry Sweet Crisps with Zesty Lemon – blueberry and zesty lemon complement each other in these simple, yet enjoyable crisps that serve as the ultimate breakfast chip to pair with yogurt, cream cheese, smoothies and more. Also a healthier choice for anyone with a sweet tooth, including children.

“One look at these colorful crisps in red, purple and yellow tells you these are a whole different type of cracker,” said Marino. “Our new crisps are the perfect dual purpose chip that’s great for the charcuterie board as well as a stand-alone snack. There’s a wide range of flavors, sweet and savory, so there’s something for adults and kids.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase these crisps?

The crisps are available for purchase on our website as well as select natural and conventional grocers nationwide. You can use our store locator to find a store in your area.

Are these crisps replacing your previous crisp recipes?

Yes, we have discontinued our previous crisp recipes of 7 Grain, Raisin and Rye. We apologize to anyone who loved those crisps. We’re confident that these new flavors will meet the majority of your needs and offer up a great snackable crisp chip!

Where can I find the full nutritional information?

Visit the product details page for any of the crisps and you’ll find the full nutritional information. Learn more here!