What are sprouted grains?
Mother Nature designed a simple layer to every grain and seed that protects them until they’re ready to grow. Give them the right amount of moisture, and they shed the enzyme layer and start an amazing transformation. No longer dormant, they become supercharged with the energy and nutrition they need grow into a full plant. By sprouting seeds before we eat them, we can access this amazing nutrition and give our products a slightly nutty flavor.


Are you non-GMO?
Yes, all Angelic Bakehouse products are non-GMO. We use only the purest non-GMO ingredients and never add any artificial sweeteners, fats or preservatives.


Is Angelic Bakehouse allergy friendly?
Yes. We have been asked over and over again about both known and unknown allergens in our facility and products. The only known allergen used is wheat, in the form of our red wheat berries. We are TOTALLY FREE of: milk, eggs, fish (fishbread=gross), shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts and soy. NOTE: Our products are made in a facility where sesame seeds are present. For more detailed allergen information, please submit your question here.


Do you have GF products?
No. Since we use whole, sprouted red wheat berries as the basis of our doughs, they are not gluten free.

Are your products “gluten friendly”?
Feedback from our fans would tell us yes. Given the easy digestability of our freshly sprouted grains and the pure unprocessed nature of our products, many with a gluten intolerance find they can enjoy Angelic Bakehouse goods. However, our products do contain wheat and should not be consumed by true celiacs.

Will you ever make a gluten free bread?
We have no current plans for making gluten free products. There are other companies out there that have mastered the art of gluten free. We’ve mastered the art of sprouted. Sticking with what we do best lets us bring you amazing sprouted grain products that are both nutritious and delicious.


How long are your products good for?
Given that our products are all-natural and minimally processed, we have about a 7 day shelf life on our fresh breads, buns and rolls. Because of their packaging, our Flatzza®  products have a 4 month shelf life. Keep in mind that most times our products are sold with a date code to let you know a ‘Best By’ date. They are also great in the freezer for up to 6 months.


Are your products kosher?
Yes. We are proud to say that all of our products are certified Pas Yisroel Kosher.


Are your products organic?
Some of our ingredients are organic, and ALL of them are non-GMO. Regardless of their certifications, we will never settle for anything less than the highest quality pure, premium ingredients.


Are your products vegan?
Our products are vegetarian, but our use of honey as a natural sweetener means we can’t be truly vegan.


Do you make any low or no sodium breads?
Absolutely. There are two options: a low sodium bread with 50% less sodium than our regular breads and a no sodium added bread.


What are the Weight Watchers® SmartPoints™ point values for your bread?
7-Grain Bread, 16 oz: 1 slice = 2 points, 2 slices = 3 points
Wheat Bread, 16 oz: 1 slice = 2 points, 2 slices = 3 points
Rye Bread, 16 oz: 1 slice = 2 points, 2 slices = 3 points
7-Grain No Sodium Added Bread, 16 oz: 1 slice = 2 points, 2 slices = 3 points
7-Grain Reduced Sodium Bread, 16 oz: 1 slice = 2 points, 2 slices = 3 points
Honey Wheat with Raisins, 16 oz: 1 slice = 2 points, 2 slices = 4 points
7-Grain Bread “The Big Guy”, 24 oz: 1 slice = 2 points, 2 slices = 5 points
7-Grain Hamburger Buns, 16 oz: 4 points per serving
7-Grain Hot Dog Buns, 16 oz: 4 points per serving
7-Grain Dinner Rolls, 13.5 oz: 3 points per serving
7-Grain Baguette, 12 oz: 1 point per serving
7-Grain Flatzza®: 3 points per serving
7-Grain Flatzza® Buddy: 4 points per serving
7-Grain Premium Wrap: 3 point per serving

You can also find the individual nutritional facts for each of our goods over at our Products tab.


Any tips on preparing Angelic Bakehouse goods?
We like to say that heat makes our bread extra delicious. Toast it, grill it, zap it and enjoy it. As our products age they can lose some moisture, and heat is the best way to bring it back.

Do you have any suggested recipes using Angelic Bakehouse products?
No matter what you’re craving, we have a recipe for you. Click here for our full list.


Where can I buy your products?
You can order directly from us online here or use our store locator here to find stores near you. If we are not at your favorite store, tell us. Better yet, fill out this request form you can send to your store and be heard directly.

I went to my store and couldn’t find any of your products, even though they are supposed to be there.
Send us a message on our Contact page Our team can go straight to the store and fix it ASAP. Thanks for being our eyes out there.


Can I buy bread from the bakery directly?
Absolutely. We are open Monday-Friday from 9-4:30 pm and have a small retail area where you can buy fresh breads, buns, rolls, baguettes and Flatzza® crusts.

Does Angelic Bakehouse offer public tours?
Sorry, we are unable to offer public tours due to our strict food safety guidelines.


Can you ship directly to me?
Yes. Just place a direct ship order either by calling us directly at 414.312.7300 or by visiting our online shop here.

Is there a minimum order quantity?
There is no minimum. However, we recommend ordering in quantities of 8 to keep shipping costs per product low. For institutional customers, we recommend purchasing by case.

When do you ship?
We use FedEx Ground to ship throughout the week. If your order is not estimated to be delivered by Friday, we’ll wait until the following Monday to ship. You’ll receive an email notification that allows you to track your shipment. If you need shipping outside a two-day Ground radius, please call 414.312.7300 to place an order.

How much does shipping cost?
In general, our pricing structure is:
$18.00 flat fee per box for FedEx ground. So what does that mean? The more items you order, the less shipping cost per item.
FREE shipping applies if you order 40 items or more.

What is the preferred method of ordering?
Order online in as little as 20 seconds. Just visit our Shop tab. Set up an online profile to store your information for easy future ordering. No web access? Call us at 414.312.7300 to place an order.

How do I pay?
We accept VISA and MASTERCARD.

What if I receive a defective product?
Please report product defects within 24 hours of receipt. Sprouted grains respond differently to various environmental conditions so it is advised that you start consuming upon receipt, refrigerate unused bread, and freeze anything not intended for immediate consumption.


Do you have any coupons?
We pass along promotions as often as we can to our customers. Visit our Contact tab and sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our latest deals (and get some delicious recipes while you’re at it). You can also friend us on Facebook for more ways to save.


How do I apply for a job at Angelic Bakehouse?
We just moved into a new building and have tons of openings to fill. We are always looking for fun, passionate, energetic people. If this sounds like a fit for you, please send a resume and cover letter to: comments@angelicbakehouse.com. Thanks for the interest!

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