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Vegan Cinnamon Raisin French Toast Casserole

I wanted to create a recipe that I knew everyone could enjoy- basic but tasty, simple but looks a little fancy, extremely easy but require some patience… I’m pretty sure this recipe covers it all. Not only is this recipe great for the random day of morning cravings but it’s also great for a plan ahead meal! Want this deliciousness ASAP in the morning? No problem, make it the night before. What this for a ladies brunch? Make it the day of!

View Vegan French Toast Casserole Recipe

Roasted Sweet Potato & Turmeric Hummus

Homemade hummus is one of my favorite store-bought items to make at home & it is such a great way to consume a number of additional vitamins & minerals. You can incorporate literally any flavor into the spread that you can think of! This years version features sweet potato & turmeric, inspired by the flavors of Angelic Bakehouse's Garden Wraps. The Turmeric & Sweet Potato Wraps give the hummus a beautiful yellow color, as well as an additional boost of nutrients.

View Roasted Sweet Potato & Turmeric Hummus Recipe

Dairy-Free Italian Chicken Salad

Quick & Easy Meal Prep Italian Chicken Salad on sprouted grain bread perfect for weekday lunches! Simple ingredients, dairy free and packed with fiber & protein. 

View Italian Chicken Salad Recipe

Crispy Baked Brussels Sprouts

These deliciously crispy brussels sprouts are made with only 3 main ingredients! They are the ultimate side dish the whole family is sure to love. This recipe has the cleanest ingredients like olive oil, fresh parmesan, and tasty Angelic Bakehouse crisps - made with freshly pressed, sprouted grains.

View Crispy Baked Brussel Sprouts Recipe
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