About Us

Goodness Inside

Goodness Inside. It serves as the foundation for everything we do. We make baked goods that elevate the standard for taste and nutrition, while building a socially conscious company determined to elevate the lives of our employees, customers, and the world around us. We’re bringing food back to its roots, and then sprouting something even better.

On a Mission to Elevate What We Eat

We started Angelic Bakehouse with a simple mission: to elevate the food our family was eating. For us, that led to sprouted whole grains and believing that it’s not enough for food to be nutritious, it also has to taste amazing too. Bread used to be good. Now you’re left choosing between unhealthy or cardboard. Let’s change that. You don’t have to choose nutrition over flavor. With our sprouted whole grains you can have it all.

Did somebody say jackpot?

Everything We Do is Intentional

At Angelic Bakehouse, every choice we make is thoughtful and intentional. This starts with our ingredients; they’re pretty amazing. We work hard to find delicious, flavorful ingredients. We’re all about elevating expectations with turmeric, beets, green chile, and all kinds of goodness. We go above and beyond by fresh pressing our sprouted whole grains instead of just using a processed flour.

Only the Best Ingredients

Our food stands out. Not only because of its taste, but our commitment to using non-GMO ingredients and making products that are vegan and kosher. Our bread, wraps, crusts, and buns are completely free of 8 of the top 9 allergens as defined by the FDA (we do use sprouted whole grain wheat berries, so our product does contain wheat and wheat gluten). We only use ingredients you can pronounce with nothing included you don’t need. We think it’s pretty nice to be able to read an ingredient label and actually know what’s in your food.

Real Food People

We’re also about going above and beyond with everything we do; such as, selecting our wheat from farmers in the United States and Canada where the grains are grown on long sloping hillsides with strong sunshine and wind. A particular set of conditions that produces the best wheat possible. It’s very similar to how the best grapes for wine are grown, both wheat and grapes that endure these difficult growing conditions become stronger and taste better with a flavor profile you just can’t get otherwise. Needless to say, we’re food people. Like real, unabashed nerdy about our food – food people.

Be Angelic

After we started seeing food differently, we wanted to see the world differently too. It wasn’t just enough to elevate our food. We want to inspire people. We’re committed to intentional acts of kindness. To planting seeds of goodness and helping them sprout in the communities we serve.

We’ve found that with a steady dose of goodness – whether in food or in life – you simply feel better. And you can’t help but want to elevate others too. So, that’s exactly what we’re inviting you to do with us.