Low Glycemic Bread

Lower carb, higher fiber. Sprouted grains make the ultimate diabetic-friendly bread.

Our Low Glycemic Foods

At Angelic Bakehouse, we’re a commited to being a low glycemic bread brand and making bread, wraps/tortillas, pizza crusts, and other products that may be appropriate for diabetics. Thanks to our sprouted grain process, thoughtfully using the right ingredients including high fiber and minimal use of sugars, our baked goods can meet the needs of many. It’s part of our commitment to making food that helps better the lives of those who are eating it.

While we strive to make tasty, diabetic friendly bread options, we do recommend consulting your doctor to ensure our product is the best option for your particular health concerns.

We’re intentional with each and every ingredient decision because we know it matters to you. So to all those fervid fact-finders meticulously mining every element of the nutrition facts label, rest assured, you’ll like what you see. Better yet, you’ll love how it tastes.

Low Sodium Bread

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