Benefits of Sprouted Grains

This is Why We Sprout

Sprouted grains are made from whole grains that have started to sprout, a process that adds a whole bunch of extra flavor and nutritional benefits.

At Angelic Bakehouse, we sprout our grains to make them delicious. In fact, we even fresh press them directly into our dough to really bring out the flavor.

This is Why We Sprout

Our sprouted grain and fresh pressed difference!

Better Nutrition

Sprouted grains are good for you, with the sprouting process increasing antioxidants, B vitamin levels, and more!

Higher Fiber

Our sprouted grains increase soluble fiber. 95% of people are fiber deficient.

Helps the Belly

Another benefit of sprouted grains? Reducing gluten and phytic acid, which may ease digestion.

Improves Flavor

Our sprouted grains have a sweeter, nuttier flavor and unique texture.

Sprout vs Seed


The Nutrient Bio-Availability of a Plant!

  • Tastes naturally sweeter
  • May be easier to digest because complex molecules break down
  • Nutrient levels increase (to grow the plant)
  • More soluble fiber


Nature Plays a Role in the Protective Nature

  • Tastes bitter (as a way to protect itself in nature from being eaten)
  • Complex molecules that may be harder to digest
  • Nutrients in a dormant state and less bioavailable
  • Less soluble fiber

Long story short: sprouted grains are good for you, providing crucial nutrients and easing digestion. And when you shop with Angelic Bakehouse, you can get the health benefits of sprouted grains in bread, wraps, rolls, crusts and more!

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