Our Flatzza® and Flatzza® Buddy crusts bake into deliciously crisp pan- or personal-sized sprouted grain crusts for Pure Pizza Perfection. Because they’re made from pure, non-GMO ingredients, you can enjoy a delicious, healthy pizza crust, even if it’s topped with extra cheese.

product serving size calories cal from fat sodium fiber protein
Sprouted Seven-Grain Flatzza® Crusts 14oz. 1.75 oz. 110 25 300mg 3g 4g
Sprouted Seven-Grain Flatzza® Buddy Crusts 10oz. 2 oz. 130 30 380mg 4g 6g
Sprouted Seven-Grain Premium Wraps 9oz. 1.5 oz. 100 25 270mg 3g 4g