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Gouda, Bacon and Apple Grilled Cheese

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Breads Lunch
By Stephen Stanczak
Published November 1, 2018
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The grilled cheese just grew up. A gourmet combination of apples, Gouda, and mouthwatering bacon all on Angelic Bakehouse Sprouted 7-Grain bread, will delight your taste buds and fill you with Pure Bread Perfection™ at the same time.



  1. Cook bacon according to directions.
  2. While bacon cooks, prepare the sandwich by slathering butter on the outside of both pieces bread.
  3. Spread mustard on inside of both pieces of bread.
  4. Layer with 1 slice of cheese, spinach, apple, bacon, and other slice of cheese.
  5. Top with other piece of bread and place in warm frying pan.
  6. Grill in a pan until cheese is melted and bread is golden.

Serves: 1