Subscription FAQs

Subscribe and Save

You’ve got questions about Subscribe and save. We’ve got answers.

How does Subscribe & Save work?

You are able to set up regular, monthly deliveries on most of our products. By doing so you’ll save approximately 5% off the price.

How much do I save with Subscribe & Save?

You’ll save approximately 5% off the price for each Subscribe & Save eligible product.

How do I start a subscription?

  1. Select “Subscribe & Save” on the product detail page for any eligible product.
  2. Select the exact quantity of that product you want to receive each month.
  3. Proceed to add any other eligible products to your subscription order. In order to bundle products into the same subscription order they must all be placed in the same initial order. This is important not only for your convenience, but to reach the $30 order level to get free shipping on your monthly subscription order.
  4. Proceed to checkout and complete your purchase. We’ll send out your order and then same the subscription once each month. You’ll receive an email each month when your subscription renews.

When will my order be shipped?

We ship products Monday – Friday. Because the majority of our products are perishable your order may not go out the same day of purchase. We ship to ensure you get the freshest product possible. For instance, depending on where you live, an order completed on Thursday may ship the following Monday. You can contact for exact ship dates for your situation.

Renewal orders via Subscribe & Save typically ship 1 – 4 days after the renewal date. You will receive an email each time your order is renewed and your card is charged.

How do I manage my subscription(s)?

By logging into your account on, you can then go to the Subscriptions tab of your account to manage all your subscriptions. You can also cancel subscriptions here.

Will multiple subscriptions go out together / how do I bundle multiple products in the same Subscribe & Save order?

Multiple subscriptions will go out together only if you set them up in the same initial order. Creating multiple Subscribe & Save subscriptions over multiple orders will result in each subscription being in a different order. You are able to cancel any subscription at any time and then set up a new Subscribe & Save order to bundle all your Subscribe & Save items into the same order.

How do I get free shipping on my subscription?

Free shipping is automatically applied to orders of $30 or more.

In order to get free shipping on your Subscribe & Save order, you must bundle together a minimum of $30 in the same order. 

Subscribing to products in multiple orders will NOT bundle them together, they must be purchased together in the same initial order.

Can I apply a coupon or discount code to a Subscribe & Save order?

Yes, but this coupon or discount code will only be applied to the initial order and not reflected on any renewal orders.

How often will I get my subscription(s)?

All Subscribe & Save orders will ship out once per month. Shipping will happen 1 – 4 days after your renewal date.

What if I want a different subscription frequency?

Currently we only offer a subscription frequency of once per month. We are looking into adding additional frequencies in the future.

How do I skip my next delivery?

Within our system you are unable to skip a delivery. The best course of action is to cancel your subscription and you can create a new subscription at a later date.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel any subscription by logging into your account on, you can then go to the Subscriptions tab of your account to manage all your subscriptions.

Why did the price of my subscription item change?

While you will always receive a Subscribe & Save discount, the individual product price can go up or down over time. You can review your subscription price and edit or cancel your subscription at any time.

Still confused?

Still confused?

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