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We sprout our grains to make them delicious. In fact, we even fresh press them directly into our dough, to really bring out the flavor. This process makes our grains a little sweeter, so we never use any refined sugar.

Better Nutrition

Sprouting increases antioxidants and B vitamin levels. And more!

Higher Fiber

Our sprouted grains increase soluble fiber. 95% of people are fiber deficient.

Helps the Belly

Sprouting reduces gluten and phytic acid which may ease digestion.

Improves Flavor

Our sprouted grains have a sweeter, nuttier flavor and unique texture.

The Nutrient Bio-Availability of a Plant!

  • Tastes naturally sweeter
  • May be easier to digest because complex molecules break down
  • Nutrient levels increase (to grow the plant)
  • More soluble fiber

Nature Plays a Role in the Protective Nature

  • Tastes bitter (as a way to protect itself in nature from being eaten)
  • Complex molecules that may be harder to digest
  • Nutrients in a dormant state and less bioavailable
  • Less soluble fiber